June 04, 2009

Horse 999 - A Tale of Two City's Newspapers

or otherwise titled:
Is that the truth? Or did you read that in the Telegraph?

News Ltd again has shown precisely why reading the Daily Telegraph is quite frankly a waste of time and effort.

In Origin I last night, there was a crucial call which led to a NSW try being disallowed. The referees after much consideration made their decision, but News Limited, apparently wants the arguments to rage om.

If you were in NSW, you would have got the Daily Telegraph which ran this story:
Video ref disallows try to Jarryd Hayne but photo shows he got it wrong

This is said photograph:

a photo with a foot NOT ON the line.

However, if you were in Queensland you would have read this article in the Courier-Mail:
Blues coach Craig Bellamy furious after no-try ruling in State of Origin opener

They would have showed you this photo:

a photo with a foot ON the line.

Spot a difference? If so... why?

The only logical conclusion that I can come up with yet again that a News Limited paper is worthless. If there is truth to be reported, then why are there two reports being produced for two cities with different opinions? The only answer is that News Limited is writing for their particular market in words that that market wants to hear.

Quite frankly, it's crap; the public deserve better, and in a digital age, it's far easier to catch them out.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the truth? Or did you read that in the Telegraph?