October 06, 2014

Horse 1767 - The Grand Movie & TV Theory

There exists a grand theory about Pixar movies that they all exist within the same universe. It is gloriously bizarre and complex but thankfully, there a short film which explains it all.
(Link: http://mentalfloss.com/article/59215/pixar-theory-illustrated) Evidence for this includes the firm Dinoco which appears in both Toy Story and Cars and there are even other hunts such as Rapunzel from Tangled who happens to appear as a guest in a party in Frozen.

What if this was the case not just for Pixar films, but for all of them? What if the Pixar theory is actually only just one aspect of a giant Grand Movie & TV Theory for Everything?
We know that Hercule Poirot must have existed in the same universe as Jane Marple because they both have met Tommy & Tuppence, who incidentally also solve their own crimes.
Little green ball of clay Gumby could as the theme song goes "walk into any book" and so I'm not sure what that says but it is interesting.

If we take it as true that all movies, television shows, radio shows and the entire of literature all exist in the same universe, then this has some truly strange consequences.

In "Wasps' Nest" which was an episode of the long running ITV series of Poirot, we see none other than the Twelfth Doctor. Yes, yes, I know that it could mean that it just happens to be the same actor playing both roles but that's just plain silly. It makes far more sense if our time and space travelling Time Lord goes back in time to the 1930s. He's even using his sonic screwdriver, How can it not be?
It also means to suggest that Malcolm Tucker from the BBC series "The Thick of It*" is also the Twelfth Doctor. That would at least explain what he's doing when he's not flitting about with Clara.
Come to think of it, it also makes sense that Clara Oswald and Danny Pink like each other because they met each other in "Emmerdale".

It also means that "Blackpool" and "Cassanova" are actually Tenth Doctor stories and that "1984" and "Alien" are actually stories which belong to the Eighth Doctor as War Doctor. "Withnail & I" is also an Eighth Doctor story which is his jaunt with The Great Intelligence.
"Father Brown" is the continuing tale of what happened to Rory Williams' dad Brian, after losing both his son and daughter in law.

"Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" is a sordid tale which happens before both the "Lord Of The Rings Trilogy" and "The Pirates Of The Caribbean". Saruman really really really hates chocolate and when out to destroy its source - Middle Earth; meanwhile, Willy Wonka in order to avoid prosecution for enslaving and entire people, assumed the alias of Jack Sparrow and took to a life of piracy.
Equally, "The Hunt For Red October", "Dr. No" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" are not three unconnected stories but the tale of a Time Lord called Sean Connery who fails to hide his identity.

John Watson in "Sherlock" isn't particularly worried about very much because he's already been through time and space in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and the only possible way to explain Sherlock's powers of deduction is that he actually is Stephen Hawking; of course being a mathematical genius is the only way he could have survived the mental arithmetical required for seven dimensional calculations necessary to fly the USS Vengeance under his other alias Commander John Harrison.
Did Nina Proudman from "Offspring" go on to become State Premier in the series "Party Tricks"? Again, like so many of the things I've mentioned in this piece, I haven't seen most of them and so there's probably a great many holes in the theory.

Still, the maxim that there are only seven stories in fiction makes me suspicious that all stories must exist in the same universe and the fact that the same plots keep on cropping up again and again, lend credence to the theory even if it is daft, it is more or less possible.

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