June 10, 2019

Horse 2557 - Fragments X: La Decima

M2000 - How Is The Millenium Falcon A Thing?

The opening card of Star Wars states:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

It is pretty well established that every kind of life except for humanoids and plants is vastly different to what we have on Earth. From Banthas to Porgs, to whatever Yoda and Chewbacca are, nothing is the same.

My question is: What the heck is the Millennium Falcon named after?

Star Wars has already established that no animal is the same; so presumably there aren't any falcons either. We never ever see a falcon in the movie saga, so where did Lando go to see one; much less name his spaceship after one?

Here in Australia, we all know that it was named after a 2000 Ford Falcon AU from the Harrison Ford dealership.


H9 - Impersonal Stereo

The whole point of a personal stereo is that it is personal. I even make a point of wanting in ear canal buds because I like the sound better and because I can feed even less power into them than ear buds or bigger headphones.
As I go to the city of a morning, because everyone knows that any noises are disturbing to a bleary eyed train carriage full of people, we mostly travel in sleep deprived silence.

Something happens in the nighttime though.
Especially teenagers who think that they are the centre of the universe (but also other bogany type people), do not use headphones at all and will play their music from their phones as loudly as possible.

I do not understand why if you are a person who is poor, that you are also likely to drop any semblance of dignity. I might not be of particularly extravagant means but I know that the purpose of manners is to tread lightly in the world. It is also a defence mechanism against people who want to do you harm.
I do not understand why poor people want to play their music as loudly as possible on the train; nor do I understand why they self select music which is openly misogynistic, violent and because it is often made by black rappers from America, needlessly boastful about the wealth they've acquired.
If you are a white bogan in Western Sydney, who is trapped in a cycle of poverty, then the chances are that you do not have a Mercedes-Benz nor a mansion; so why are you playing music which celebrates that on the evening train?

F6 - Sports Cheese!

Coles' Tasty Cheese is like some kind of special sports cheese. Not in the sense that it is going to turn you into a great athlete (Kellogg's Nutri-Grain and Nestlé Milo both purport to do that), but it is mysteriously stretchy when put in a toastie.

Coles' Tasty Cheese, Coles' Economy Bacon, and Coles' Barbecue Sauce, are a magical trio when put inside a toastie. Forget your $22 smashed avocado sandwich and everyone who thinks that rocket is a food needs to be placed on a chair and stared at unapprovingly for a very long time; a cheese and bacon toastie with barbecue sauce, is about as close as you can get to unclassy, sitting in tracky-daks, watching doofus telly, heaven as you can get.


Q23 - Continuing Badness

The thing about the smell on the bus, even despite how wretched it is, is that even though it reminds me of a high school gym change room (and everything that entailed), the longer that I sit on the bus, the more I am used to it.

Humans as pattern seeking machines, have an incredible capacity to normalise every experience that they encounter. I suspect that this is in part a survival mechanism to prevent mass panic at every unpleasant experience but it not only works for badness but moments and things that bring joy.

This phenomenon helps to explain why the joy that comes from purchasing a new thing, will in time fade. Advertising in principle is designed to exploit that basic phenomenon for monetary purposes; which explains why restaurants, confectioners, and fizzy water soft drink companies are constantly exploring new flavours; also why the fast fashion industry is able to sell what amounts to low quality tat on an ever-changing basis. The flavour of the month is literally the flavour of the month.

It also explains why long term happiness is almost completely divorced from the amount of possessions that one can accumulate and/or change over. Rich people are able to buy more stuff but there is a point where having all of your material desires fulfilled can only take you so far. Having said that, moving from abject poverty to having one's basic needs met is an excellent driver of human happiness.
It also explains why people are able to tolerate awful and often inexcusable circumstances. Things like domestic violence, poor health and pain, and the consequences of poverty, are not met with happiness but quite rightly sadness and despair but they are often normalised beyond rational sense. When asked why many women don't just up and leave their partner who is openly abusive, the words "but I love him" often appear even though it might not necessarily be true.


B50 - BPM

There was a question posed on Facebook by someone I follow about what people's heart rate is. There average human probably has a resting heart rate of between 60 to 90 beats per minute. Anything over that indicates that the individual is in serious stress and anything below about 40 beats per minute is usually cause for alarm. As a not very typical human, my heart beats between about 50-55 beats per minute at rest; which means that it is either efficient, well trained through consistent exercise, or suffering some hitherto unknown medical disorder.I hope that it is a combination of the two former, rather than the latter.

If we assume that I am a reasonable lower bound for the number of heart beats a minute, then at 50 beats per minute, my heart has already beat a billion times and I can expect it to beat a billion more. I don't know about you but I find that as an involuntary process, having something happen more than two billion times is absolutely remarkable. Yet it happens without any thought on my part whatsoever.


J5 - Infused

Considering that that company can make practically any flavour they want to, just by adding the basic flavour components together (such as the use of esters and volatiles), then it should be possible for them to make bacon flavoured whiskey.

Whiskey itself is already influenced by the barrel that it comes in and my sister's once famous description that it "tastes like the cupboard", proves that it wouldn't be an unpleasant experience.

Just imagine Johnny Walker Pink Label. It would be like the regular taste of Red Label but with the added flavour of bacon. Bacon already is smoky. It's already not that far away as it is. If Cadbury can make Vegemite flavoured chocolate, Kit Kat in wasabi flavour, Smith's Crisps in hot dog and cheeseburger flavours, then why not? There's loads of daft people in the world and I am one of them. The biggest market for whiskey is already white dudes with daft ideas; so why not tap that market?

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