July 10, 2005

Horse 367 - Terrorist Attacks in London­¹

Good Morning all,I would have replied earlier except that I've had a terrible case of the flu.
I shan't engage into theories as to why this happened, but I do have a theory into the modus operandii of this event.

The four explosions happened as follows:
Between Aldgate and Liverpool Street tube stations - Circle Line
Between King's Cross and Russell Square tube stations - Nothern Line
At Edgware Road tube station Circle Line
On a bus at Tavistock Square - Via King's Cros Bus Terminal

This in itself doesn't lend itself easily to an explanation as all of these trains and the bus were heading in four entirely different directions. Except when you consider their starting point. All of the trains left King's Cross at c.8:42am and the bus passed through the bus station at King's Cross.

The three bombs on the Underground trains on Thursday exploded almost simultaneously. Scotland Yard said the attacks took place within 50 seconds of each other.

It is my theory that the people who did this could have easily run around the station leaving the bombs on whatever train happened to be leaving at the time. If they then left something on the bus a short while later, it would have given them ample time to get a north bound mainline train out of St Pancras to the Midlands where they then could have flown out of the UK entirely.

I suggest that the reason why MI5 or MI6 didn't pick this up is becuase it was planned outside of the UK and in all likelyhood thye won't catch whoever did it because they're now long gone.

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