July 26, 2005

Horse 376 - Monaro - Game Over

The Monaro is to be scrapped. Holden announced yesterday that the last of the V8 coupes would roll off the Elizabeth production line later this year. Thanks to American jingoism, the Monaro is no more. The car which was taken up by Pontiac as the GTO saw bad press as Americans refused to buy "their GTO" when it was built in Australia. So then, Holden who were exporting the car have been forced to surrender their tooling equipment and send it to the US, thus rendering no more facilities in Australia.

I would usually say that this is a case of cultural imperialism gone mad but considering that GM owns Holden anyway, this is scant an explanation but Holden is hopeful of producing a new so-called muscle-car in the future.

The company claims sales had nothing to do with the decision to drop the Monaro after a special edition CV8-Z to be released next month. Despite some speculation die-moulds for the reincarnation of the 1960s and '70s performance leader had been sold to Pontiac, Holden spokesman Jason Laird on their website said he knew of no plans to build the car offshore. I don't know what happens about export programs for the coupe. I guess that they're just leaving it to each of the export markets to decide on product plans.

Whatever the reasons for these sort of rumblings, Monaro as we know it dies in November; likewise Vauxhall's HSV copy, VXR also loses Monaro as I very much doubt that there will ever be another RHD variant. Where does this leave VXR? As far as I can see they are left with their VX220 and the Astra Sport Hatch. It's going to be rather difficult for them to sell the brand now I wager.

Monaro RIP. 1968-1977 & 1997-2005


Jules said...

with vectra, astra and barina to go, what about this viva thing? are they going to put an 8 in that?

Holden please give us a new Torana. please give us TT36

Katja said...

Newer cars just don't cut it. Give me the classics! (And allow me to skip SMOG checks! Heh-heh).

Speaking of such, that new Mustang comes close but not enough.

Anonymous said...

GM sux. go the Fords

katja i agree the new 'stang aint as good as the old Boss