July 18, 2005

Horse 372 - ID Cards?

The Howard Government in all its wisdom has decided that one of the best methods of stopping terrorism is to issue everyone in the country with a national ID card.Such a system has been trialed before. Once upon a time in a highly civilised nation with nice uniforms, if one wasn't in posession of their national identity papers they were killed on the spot.
I fail to see just how having a national ID card would have stopped the events in London. An ID card does not prevent explosions nor does it prevent the people who have possibly gone insane from acquiring the necessary devices to cause such explosions.

As for the threat of multiple identities. In the first instance if one wants to get a card, then what sorts of identification are they going to ask us for? Namely the ID that we already possess, i.e Driver's Licences, Birth Certificates etc. If these are already fradulent, then does this by inference create a non-fraudulent car obtained by legitimate means?

The only possible method I can see to stop identity fraud is to microchip the population at birth rather the same way that we chip animals such as dogs or cattle. We could even take this step one further and link it to our bank accounts, that way people would not be able to buy of sell anything unless they had the microchip.

Scaremongery? Mark of the beast? Possibly, possibly not but it does ask one very very pert question... WHY? The only reason that governments want these measures is to control the population in some regard. If anyone can convince me that there are only noble intents in having a national ID card, the by inference you've proven why we don't need one.

Perhaps I should step back from the edge just a bit here, as this all seems a bit paranoid. Forgive me just one second. In this world where our everymove is tracked by CCTV and entries in bank statements, it all makes you wonder doesn't it?


Katja said...

It's just their feeble attempt at making it look like they're doing something about the problem.

Governments can't solve all of life's problems but if they don't do anything they get criticized and when they give a stab at solutions they're always imperfect.

Sure am glad my king is the LORD.

Rollo said...

I think when I hear things like this that it's a lot later than we think. HE IS COMING BACK, and a heck of a lot sooner than we realise - He said He would, and I for one aren't inclined to disagree.