February 07, 2007

Horse 717 - Doing The iPod Shuffle II

Here's how it works:
1. Open up the music player on your computer (or your iPod, possibly).
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the "shuffle" command.
4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing.So, without further adieu...

1. The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away) - Doris Day
This song comes from the film and later the stage musical Calamity Jane, which also had the Oscar for the best song in a film for 1953 "Secret Love". Though Doris Day had been described as "the world's oldest virgin", her career off the silver screen was far more interesting with her husband and Jerry Rosenthal responsible for racking up debts of $20m which left her bankrupt.

2. Love Machine - Morning Musume (v3)
Released on 09/09/99 at 9:09am in Tokyo, this was the 9th single from the group. Morning Musume hold auditions every year for new members as people come and go from the group, such that as at 2007 we're currently up to Version 8.

3. Ebaum's World Dot Com - Lemon Demon
Perhaps an overly cynical song about how Eric and Neil Bauman have made a fortune by filching content from other internet portals. Lemon Demon are more famous for their flash and animutations than actual music though.

4. I Don't Like Spam (Bed) - Radio 1
One of the 519 radio jingles I possess with the lady from the now ubiquitous Monty Python "Spam Sketch". I suspect that the underlying track has itself been lifted from the House of Pain track Jump Around.

5. Bloody Stupid Mary - Las Ketchup
Las Ketchup released Aserejé in 2002 which miost people wlll remember as "The Ketchup Song". This Latin inspired song is a breezy track that in the light of the competition for the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest looked hopelessly inadequate. By itself it's a Sunday Afternoon with Iced Tea and Lemon type song.

6. Tony Blair Rings IKEA - Radio 1
Long before Dead Ringers, John Culshaw was on with DJ Chris Moyles in the afternoons right after Mark and Lard. Culshaw would phone people up using the same range of voices which would later appear on both Radio 4 and later BBC One.

7. Keep Belongings With You At All Times - London Underground
In addition to the radio idents and commercials I have, I also happen to have a series of announcements from the Jubilee Line and the Central Lines of the Underground. I think I'm a qualified anorak now.

8. Jump - Girls Aloud
In 2003, Girls Aloud covered "Jump" for the movie soundtrack Love Actually. The film however uses the Pointer Sisters' original version in the film itself due to American audiences being unaware of Girls Aloud, who feature in the end credits.
This made it to #2 in the UK and when the film clip was finally released, Polydor found itself subject to a security scare because MI5 were convinced that it was shot around Number 10 and not on a stage set.

9. Smelly Cat - Phoebe
This song probably should have been recorded by Phoebe whilst Friends was at its height of success. From the top? There is no "top", that's the beauty of Smelly Cat.

10. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds! - 1993 Leeds Utd FA Cup Squad
Few football songs are as cheesy as this with its tin whistle and Yorkie singers. This was the beginning of the end for Leeds Utd, as the winners of the last League before the creation of the Premier League, they won too eraly to benefit from playing in Europe and paid a fortune in transfers to stay on top - which failed.

I'm still not convinced of the randomness of this thing you know...

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