February 14, 2007

Horse 719 - Only YOU!

During medieval times, there was a friar who in his spare time, would collect flowers, plants and herbs to make cures for various illnesses. He suddenly got the idea to become a florist and sell flowers to everyone in the village at very low prices. As it turned out, his religious beliefs shaped him into a very paitient person, thus causing him to excel in customer service.

The people of his town began to turn to him for all of their flower needs. This infuriated all of the other local florists due to the fact that they were all losing customers and money, and so it was that they all got together and pooled whatever money they had. They used that money to hire a thief to break into the friar's flower shop and steal all of his flowers and then burn the flower shop to the ground. The friar never collected flowers again and abandoned his faith. He commited scuicide two weeks later.

The morale of this story: "Only you can prevent florist friars."

Also as an aside:
Ever since 1944 when Smokey the Bear signs started appearing in the New York Subway, there has been the remarkable record of there being not even a single forest fire on the New York Subway.

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