February 18, 2007

Horse 721 - With Mind Bullets

I heard two things on the radio this morning that I think at least half way prove that the world is on an express train to total madness.

The Royal Australian Navy who is finding it a bit difficult at the moment to attract people will be having a recruitment drive at none other than the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. I heard this on the news and literally snorted coffee out my nose.
What's going on here? I know that many of them already wear the uniforms (for other reasons) and that they may know all of the lyrics to "In The Navy" by the Village People, but given the know levels of intolerance and obvious cruelty within the military, you'd have to fear for the safety of these people not from the enemy but from being bashed by the handsA of their own comrades.

ASIO on the other hand is also looking for new recruits. The suggestion is that the conditions for entry have been relaxed and they'll now accept people who have criminal records but only ones with drugs charges.
The old addage is that the best way to catch a thief is to find another thief to scout them out because they're already in the mindset for it. Is this then a congruous thought? Is the suggestion now that if people on drugs already think that there's someone watching them, then when it comes to international epspionage, they're already well equipped? Somehow I seriously doubt that the government actually is using radiation from the television to control our minds, but if they happen to be watching us by using lampposts, then we're all in serious trouble.

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