February 23, 2007

Horse 723 - Butter or Guns?

Forbes Magazine which is famous for publishing its list of the world's biggest companies, has in its latest issue compiled a list of the world's fattest nations. The results based on BMI were somewhat surprising.

At the top of the list was the South Pacific island nation of Nauru. The region it seems is collectively winning as 8 out of the top ten are in the South Pacific. The USA predictably has come in at 9th and Australia weighed in at 21st. All is not lost though as the Old Dart, Britain was 28th.

Come on Australia, this is something else we can be World Champions in! Australia has world class cricketers, runners and swimmers who can beat the best - at 21st in the world for being a nation of Fatty-Boom-Bahs, it's a pretty poor effort. What makes this so impressive is that it actually takes less effort to win, not more.

Drive more, don't walk to the shops, use more remote controls, get stuff home delivered, walk less, watch more television, if you must play games then do it on X-Box or PlayStation. Maybe the words of The Prodigy and Hermann-Goering are in order.

Steel? We have no butter, but I ask you: would you rather have butter or guns? Shall we import lard or steel? Let me tell you! Preparedness makes us powerful, butter merely makes us fat. Lard?

We can be number 1 Australia, I know it!

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