April 11, 2008

Horse 875 - The Brink of Anger

Call it an act of conscience or maybe even possibly damage control, but I have reached a point where potentially I may have a) found an apartment to live in, but b) will be prevented from doing so because of the actions of the real estate agents.

A charming lady from church, Sarala, who used to live there, vacated the premises on the 24th and spoke to me about the possibility of moving in (could this have been a potential answer to prayer?). After looking at the apartment, I began forming sums in my head and came to the conclusion that it was indeed a find apartment which showed tremendous potential and had a simply glorious view. After a small amount of negotiation with the real estate agents, I phoned the future Mrs Rollo and asked for an in principle opinion.

As time wore on, it became apparant that the estate agent was not forthcoming with returning documentation to Sarala; nor did it spell out the terms for the release of her rental bond. It actually appears that on the face of it, they were deliberately dragging out the process to exact more rent out of her, so that the rental bond would be cancelled out - this is not only highly unfair but also as I found out through both the Rental Bonds Board and the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal also illegal . I tried to phone them on a number of occasions but someone was either to busy to field my phone calls or the person I needed to speak to was out.

Fast forward to yesterday the 10th of April, and I received a phone whilst merrily dozing on the 238 bus across the Harbour Bridge. The real estate company said that they were ready to approve my application and that they were ready to contact the landlords. However, this call was distinctly odd, for only after I gave them my details did I check where the number had come from, and lo I saw the words "private number"; my incoming call register does not record the number either.

For me, all of the alarm bells are currently ringing blue thunder. Not only this, but because the real estate company still has not returned Sarala's rental bond, my faith in their ability is pretty well hanging by a silver thread. If they can do this to one person, then they also have to potential to do it to me as well; thus I do not want them as my agents. However...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

I can not do nothing.

"My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry" - James 1:19

Due process has been followed through, and now after considerable waiting, I intend to unleash professional anger on these people. It really gets my ire when decent common people are taken advantage of. Unless I receive total confirmation this afternoon, that terms have been settled then I will fight. I think that I was placed upon this earth to be perpetually annoyed; and now... you do not want to be on the end of it.


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