April 30, 2008

Horse 878 - Rollo's $1 Offer

Dear Mitsubishi,

So you got it hideously wrong with the 380. Sure, there was nothing wrong with the car and I must say that it is a very well put together motor car (naturally as it was built by Australians; as we all know Aussie built cars ARE built to the toughest standards in the world). So why did your 380 fail, and why does this involve me?

If you look at the sales of motor cars for last month, No.1 was still the Commodore (even though that is trading on fleet sales) but Nos. 2, 3 and 4 are all hacks. Those being the Toyota Corolla, the Mazda 3 and the Hyundai Accent. It must be said that all three of these cars give the driver a totally uninspiring experience and why should they? That's not what they're about. People who buy these sorts of cars are typically people who don't give a fig about performance and merely want something that won't cost them a fortune at the petrol pump and be big enough to cart around the weekly shopping.

I note that you already do have a 2L hack motor car in the Lancer, so why not just retool the now dormant plant to build that. Surely that has to be better than merely laying aside a billion dollar plant. Or better yet, build the "Great Australian Aussie 4". Redefine the market, show some initiative. Or better yet, sell the plant to me for $1.

I bet that I could have Australia's biggest car company in five years. All I need is the plant. I have faith in Aussie workers to build a better car than the rest of the world. There you go Mitsubishi. There's your offer. I'm willing to offer $1 in exchange for all of your debts and I'm laying it on the table now.


...think about it.

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