February 10, 2009

Horse 956 - In which Top Gear Australia hires a trumpet player and I blow my own


It is perhaps not uncommon knowledge that one of the hosts of Top Gear Australia, Charlie Cox, has upped sticks and will be more than likely replaced by trumpet player James Morrison. Now I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing but just on the quiet I can think of a person who might be better suited to the job...


In many respects I really am the best person to be on a program such as this: in terms of technical knowledge I know more than Clarkson whom it appear only vaguely knows what "torques" and "horsepowers" are, I seem to be as annoying as Hammond and I'm more fearless than May. One thing that seems perfectly self-evident to me about this sort of job is that one needs to have a modicum of journalism skills and as far as that goes, well what numbered Horse are we up to now? Nine-Hundred and Something?

One of the obvious things about appearing on television is that the medium is about communicating something. It is perfectly reasonable to ask whether or not I can communicate anything, but I should think that because I've spent time either at the front of lecture halls at uni or perhaps in front of children giving small talks, that television can't be all that different. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I if nothing else am enthusiastic for what I might want to say.

Of course there is the general question about the wisdom letting me loose on television in the first place and to an unsuspecting Australia public. Let me assure you that if I was allowed on television, then the world will have changed forever. I can see Logies and OAMs and possibly the invitation to be the first President of an Australian Republic, because the people out there in TV land would loev me so much that they simply couldn't contain it any longer. Then again I could be just spouting rubbish...

... but it would be a different kind of rubbish!

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