August 09, 2016

Horse 2150 - Vincent Van Gogh Pun Run

You may have heard of the rather famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, who among other things is known for his peculiar ear complaint but did you know that he was just one of a whole host of interesting people who were all just as colourful as he.

His aunt Flamin Gogh - moved to Florida to take up ornithological studies of large pink birds.

His cousins Grin Gogh and Amy Gogh - decided to go to Mexico and became a popular comedy double act.

His sister Chica Gogh - moved to Illinois, where she had a long and successful career on the stage and played music in blues clubs and all that jazz.

His nephew Wells-Farr Gogh - was going to live with his mum Chica but got a job as a stagecoach driver and eventually ended up in California.

Wells-Farr's first son Bendi Gogh - was living in California with his father but failed to strike it rich in the gold rush in 1849. When he heard about gold in northern Victoria, he decided to seek his fortune there.

Wells-Farr's second son Key Larh Gogh - didn't do well in California and headed to Florida where he became a shrimp catcher.

He had a fall out his brother Yuu Gogh - who moved East and ended up in Sarajevo. Eventually his descendants would start a motor company.

Yuu would eventually marry a Thai lady named Tanh Gogh - who was an excellent ballroom dancer.

They had a son who they named Fandangh Gogh - who followed in his parents' footsteps.

Yuu's grandson, who was named Pokkimonn Gogh - made an absolute fortune from developing games for mobile devices.

Their daughter Manh Gogh - didn't pursue a career on the stage but went on to run a tropical fruit farm.

Vincent had two younger brothers. The older one, called Whiskiahgo Gogh - moved into the nightclub industry and set up shop right on Sunset Strip West Hollywood, California.

Vincent's younger brother Quan Gogh - hated that sort of iniquity and got a job in a semi government related entity.

Vincent of course didn't follow in the family business. His father Carr Gogh - ran a very successful haulage business.

His first uncle Drohn Gogh - stubbornly refused to give up the old ways of doing things and continued to run a delivery business using donkeys and drays.

His second uncle Bonh Gogh - played some loose skinned drums in a very cool beatnik skiffle band.

Unfortunately for Vincent Van Gogh, he only sold one painting in his lifetime and it was reported by his brother that before he committed suicide after being plagued by mental illness that "The sadness will last forever".

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