March 24, 2017

Horse 2249 - Why should... A-Z?

Following the success of What is... A-Z (Horse 1612), I thought I'd play again.

The rules are simple. I enter in the words "Why should" followed by the various letters of the alphabet into the Google search engine. It then auto-fills in the rest and I answer the question. Sounds simple? Off we go!

Why should Australia become a republic?
I personally don't think that we should for a multitude of reason but I suppose that people who advocate for it do so because they want a head of state who was born in Australia; which isn't unreasonable.

Why should Blue and green never be seen?
Presumably because this is a crime against fashion but to be honest I don't think that it makes much of a difference. Blue on blue rampage is far worse.

Why should Consumers go green?
This is "green" in the sense of being kind to the environment. We have to remember that the first objective of every organisation is the continued survival of the organisation. If the world is an organisation, why shouldn't we look after it, so that people who come after us have somewhere nice to live?

Why should Drugs be legal?
Invariably everyone who wants recreational drugs to be legalised, never has to bear the consequences. That seems highly selfish to me. The rest of us bear the costs through taxation, when A&E have to patch up people at night.

Why should Euthanasia be legal?
Again, I don't think that it should because that seems like a very convenient way for health insurance companies to get rid of unprofitable insurance risks. This is legalised murder by a different name.

Why should Food handlers wear gloves?
There was a little elf called Simon Ella who never washed his hands and gave everyone food poisoning - Elf and Safety.

Why should Go to school?
Learn grammar. Learn maths. Be good. Do good. Look like idiot will not.

Why should Homework be banned?
It shouldn't. Do you homework.

Why should I hire you?
If it isn't for my insane good looks or my vast intelligence, then it should be for my humility. When it comes to humility, I am the greatest.

Why should Jargon be used selectively?
When you have phase problems with your turboincabulator then you will start getting I/O interference across the two pivot terminals.

Why should Killer Whales be kept in captivity?
If they have been convicted under the Crimes Act 1900, we don't want them roaming the streets.

Why should Learn english?
Does neb yn deall Cymraeg. Mae'n iaith wirion.

Why should Melons be eaten alone?
Nobody wants to be around you when you eat melons. Nobody.

Why should NASA be funded?
Of itself science is not necessarily profitable but all of the incidental technology which comes from doing science almost always returns the investment many times over. NASA is no different.

Why should Odysseus be wary of the sirens?
They are dangerous bird-women who seduce sailors with their songs, in the hopes that the sailors' ships are wrecked on their rocky shores; so they can feast on the flesh of those sailors. 

Why should Pluto be a planet?
It shouldn't. A planet is a thing which clears all other objects from their orbit. Pluto hasn't done that. It's okay Pluto, I'm not a planet either.

Why should Quebec stay in Canada?
Quebec c'est magnifique!

Why should Refugees be welcomed in Australia?
If someone showed up at your doorstep and wanted to stay because their house had burned down, you wouldn't send them out into the cold night and tell them to keep warm unless you are a heartless monster. Refugees and Asylum Seekers have usually left awful circumstances, as a nation we have a moral obligation not to be heartless monsters.

Why should Students wear school uniform?
Community. To mitigate judgement of children due to economic circumstance. So the rest of the community can tell when they are skiving off?

Why should They be happy?
Yeah, why? They (whoever they are) ain't got nothing going for them nowhere.

Why should Ulysses S Grant be remembered?
Reconstruction. Expanding civil rights. For having the initials US. And for having a glorious beard (though not as glorious as Garfield's).

Why should Voting be compulsory?
Voting isn't a "right" but a civic duty. Anyone who claims to be part of the civic life of the nation should vote in the management of that nation.

Why should Water be alkaline?
People claim that alkaline water neutralises the acids which are found in the human body. This is complete tosh. You have acids in places like the stomach to break down food. 

Why should Xerxes not invade Greece?
Xerxes is a madman. He's mad. He's madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's Mr Madman competition. Besides which, his empire is already big. It has 127 provinces in it.

Why should You drink water?
Water is a delicious drink which can be enjoyed by all; unlike petrol which is a nasty and not delicious drink, which can only be enjoyed by Robo-ScoMo... THE ROBOTS ARE COMING, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Why should Zheng He not be celebrated?
After Zheng He's voyages China abandoned the Indian Ocean trade routes because of the Haijin edict and by doing so, cut itself off from Europe's technological explosion in the renaissance.

Why should þ?
There are no autocorrect words with þ. Uncle Google has let me down.

Why should Cookie Monster eat vegetables?
Yeah, why should he? He's the Cookie Monster, not the Veggie Monster or the Grass Monster.
Cookie Monster is the 28th and best letter of the alphabet.

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