October 14, 2017

Horse 2334 - 38 "Facts" About Grapefruit That Nobody Asked For Or Wanted

1. The grapefruit originally came from the Nile River delta and were almost exclusively known as until the advent of Middle English​ as the Egyptian Citrus.
2. Grapefruits are second behind the Grand Mumbai Orange in terms of being the largest citrus.
3. In 1477, the city of Hamburg banned grapefruits from being inside the city walls.
4. King Charles II of England had a grapefruit tree which was so fecund, that the court developed its own recipe for grapefruit liqueur. The recipe has subsequently been lost to the ages.
5. The 9th Battalion of the British Army in World War I had a grapefruit as its insignia.
6. Grapefruits are more likely to be left behind to rot it refrigerators than any other fruit.
7. The grapefruit became the standard size for bowling balls in the Yorkshire variant of Nine Pin.
8. The game of Knock Down Sally is traditionally played with a grapefruit in the north of England.
9. The Imperial German Navy used to issue grapefruits to ships in order to prevent scurvy in sailors.
10. The spy John Mango from the Carribbean Butler series by Fulton Presley, was originally called John Grapefruit in early drafts.
11. Grapefruits must be X-rayed to prevent fruit fly from entering the Australian state of Victoria.
12. Johnathan Swift had a specifically designed grapefruit sized hole put into the wall of his house so that he could take delivery of them without having to go outside.
13. The rapper Macklemore usually places three grapefruits on his rider list of demands before a concert because they remind him of his childhood.
14. Grapefruit related eye injuries are the fourth most common injuries which concern fruit in New Zealand.
15. During construction of the Lincoln Monument, grapefruits were placed outside the site to prevent cats from interrupting construction.
16. Susai Bangbang Yudihono presented Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with a tray of grapefruits as an official gift because no other gift had been organised.
17. Grapefruits and sticky rice are among the ingredients used to make the mortar that holds together many sections of the Great Wall of China.
18. There is more Vitamin B14 in one grapefruit than in all the beef from a cow.
19. Grapefruit appears on the Societié du Comedies official list of "inherently funny things".
20. Grapefruit juice was in the standard issue of food and drink products in the Apollo program that went to the moon because testing showed that the flavour was remarkably stable.
21. The nominal ground rent in the French Department of Alsace for one hectare of land, is two grapefruits.
22. None of these facts about grapefruit are actually real.
23. Grapefruits were shown at the 1851 Royal Exposition and members of the public could buy one for 17/6 which was more than the average weekly wage at the time.
24. Grapefruit is 100% non effective at curing liver cancer, despite the protestation of the British Holistic Medical Society.
25. If a lorry is heading down a mountain road, grapefruits are the second thing to drop off; after the speed of the lorry.
26. Tony Blair has a grapefruit named Kevin.
27. Grapefruit juice was the basis for the invisible ink which was used in the Magalevian Conspiracy of 1926.
28. There is enough chemical energy in a grapefruit to power a transistor radio for a short period of time.
29. During the Blitz on London in the Second World War, grapefruits were kept in Aldwych station as emergency rations.
30. One of the last bosses in Food Fight IX, is The Grapefruit Brothers. You need to beat them on Hard mode or better, to get the Silver Santoku of Suntory.
31. The Grapefruit version of the Android operating system was the first with a swipe diagonally function.
32. Periodically, McDonald's in southern Italy adds a grapefruit sauce for its chicken nuggets during the summer.
33. It​ is possible to rent a grapefruit as part of the room decor in many Hilton hotels.
34. John Wilkes Booth ate a grapefruit at a cafe, half an hour before shooting President Abraham Lincoln in the Ford Theatre.
35. The first organic thing sent into space was a grapefruit on a Redstone rocket, to see what the effects of radiation and the like we're.
36. A man was arrested in July 2016, for dropping a grapefruit out of the Burj Khalifa.
37. A tray of grapefruits is technically an acceptable present for second anniversary of someone's wedding.
38. Nobody is really sure why one of the gargoyles on the Sarajevo Opera House is of Cerberus holding a grapefruit.

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