August 16, 2005

Horse 387 - Can You Lick Your Elbow?

A popular urban myth is that people can't lick their elbows. Whilst this may be true for the vast majority, there are a few exceptional people who can achieve such a feat.

One such person is named Jessica and works at the Commonwealth Bank on the other side of the street from where I work. Now this might not exactly be the most useful story or ability in the world (and really I have no idea of how this topic of conversation arose) but it truly looks quite bizarre.

I can't manage to do this and in one one those rare moments while my guard was down, out came the camera on her cell-phone and snap, there's a photo of me looking like a complete git.
I have subsequently learned that this can be used as an icebreaker in a social group. Tell people to say the word "Strawberries" while they lick their own elbow, having subsequently tested this (on gullible people) people can be made to look more of a git than I did.

Now this story (apart from being delightfully pointless) has another moment that I must say, quite frankly weirded me out. During one of the attempts of my trying to look a pratt licking my elbow (and the last), she sucessfully weirded me out by licking my elbow for me... salacious little lady.

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