August 26, 2005

iFive - 26th Aug

I noticed two very strange thing about the iPod in general this week. Firstly, I'm now running iTrip which is an FM transmitter. Very cool in the Ka I must admit but it's prone to generating dud frequencies and burst frequencies. Also, iTunes doesn't seem to worry if the date and time on the iPod aren't accurate, it seems to generate it's own figures based on the computers clock relative to the last play rather than the data from iPod.

As an aside I've noticed a skew in the general stats and I think it says something more about me than the iPod. Every single track of less than 1 min duration (which includes all ads and promos) has been played now. Maybe this shows impatience on my part?

1. Why Can't I Sing Like A Girl? - They Might Be Giants
2. Parliamentary Perks - Sam Kekovich
3. 1982 The Golden Hour - Radio 1
4. Nugget - Cake
5. It's Only Love - The Beatles

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