August 22, 2005

Horse 390 - Que Sera Sera

Multiplex "The Well Built Australian" doesn't appear to be all that well heeled. Multiplex as the builders on the very very late running Wembley Stadium posted a A$62m loss.

The stadium scheme has been hit by delays and cost-blowouts, although Multiplex said it was likely to hand the stadium over to the FA by the end of March 2006. It is under pressure to complete the scheme in time so preparations can begin for the FA Cup Final, which takes place in May.

It means for the first time since 2000, the Cup Final will be held in the spritual home of football.
Originally known as the Empire Stadium, it was built for the British Empire Exhibition of 1924.
What was really distressing was that there were no plans to save the famous Twin Towers.

The destruction of the Twin Towers was possibly the saddest day in football history; the ground had earnt it's status with the first ever match there - the White Horse Cup final of 1923 when 200,000 people squeezed into the stadium and were kept under control by a single policeman and his horse Billie (Bolton 2 - West Ham Utd 0).

Even the great Pelé said that "Wembley is the church of football. It is the capital of football and it is the heart of football". I only hope that when it re-opens, it will begin to take up the place that the old stadium had. As sung by crowds all over England, once again the song will ring true...

Que Sera Sera,
Whatever will be will be,
We're going to Wembley!
Que Sera Sera!

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