April 17, 2007

Horse 748 - Repeal The Second, NOW!!!

A gunman at Virginia Tech has walked on campus and killed 33 people.
As the US Constitution stands and is widely interpreted, this person had the right to carry a firearm.

I'd already written something on this a while ago, and yet this sort of thing happens again and again.

Don’t bother telling me that weapons like this have other purposes besides killing people. That is simply not correct. Killing is their sole purpose. They have no other. If you never want to kill anyone, you will never need a weapon. A gun does not discriminate between good people and bad people. Killing is bad. We’re all people! The people doing the killing should stop killing, period, end of story. And you can’t stop the killing by killing more people. It doesn’t subtract. It adds.

The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is the most fundamentally stupid law that has ever been written. People will cite reasons of defence as to why they should carry a gun. What a load of crap! The rate of homicide in the USA per 100,000 people is 15 times greater than that of Australia where the law does not exist.
Nobody ever has the "right" even in times of war to have the ability to kill someone else, ever.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of these 33 people. The pain that these 33 people felt will have only lasted a short time, but for the people left behind, it will never be cured.
Try telling them about so called rights.


Anonymous said...

if those people had guns the they could defend theirselves from this gunman.
guns can be used to defend urself u know

Rollo said...

Yes but if the gunman didn't have the feckin' gun in the first place then no-one would have been shot.
I don't need to defend myself against something that does not exist.

The guman was actually within his 2nd Amendment right to carry that weapon. Think about that!