April 29, 2007

Horse 753 - La La La Linoleum

Well you could sing some la la la's some pretty little words and you'd have yourself a nice little song there.

La la la lemon,
La la la lightbulb,
La la la lamppost (this is fun),
La la la lump in my oatmeal,

An internet meme a few years ago and the now famous website (and mirrors) "Bert Is Evil" had pictures of Bert in various conspiracies including one doctored picture of him posing with Osama Bin Laden. Admittedly Bert probably would not be a terrorist though it does beg the question as to what central charateristics would render him the subject of ridicule.

Bert serves as a comic foil to Ernie who's schemes usually involve some hare-brained idea and Bert trying to dissuade him. This usually almost always results in Bert losing his temper and Ernie being totally naive to what's just happened. Bert is probably more intellegent than Ernie, is also frequently grumpy and in his own opinion rather boring as evidenced by his finding a book entitled "Boring Stories" really exciting.

There is a world weariness about Bert that we feel sorry for. Although he doesn't come off as being nerdy, he finds entertainment and joy in collecting paper clips, bottle cap and is a known pigeon fancier. Maybe that's also why in this song he happens to think of a "great L word" in Linoleum. It must be said that if you happen to be 4, 44 or 84 it is truly a "great L word" and in a nerdy strange sort of way, Bert also happens to best Ernie.

Deep down we either know or are people like Bert. I'll be you can think of them right now...

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