April 24, 2007

Horse 750 - We Are People of Science!

The great and powerful BBC reports that the University of Leeds has spent 1000 hours of lab testing time to develop the perfect Bacon Buttie.

Hang on a second, is that really the most important thing that research money can be spent on? Has cancer finally been cured? Have we finally perfected computer technology? Has the human genome finally been mapped? Obviously yes.

Prime Minister John Howard suggested that climate change is not the overwhelming moral challenge facing Australians. He said in a speech that such a view is misguided at best and misleading at worst, and de-legitimises other challenges before the current generation.

I fully support Little Johnny on this. Global warming isn't the issue. The single biggest dilemma facing the world in this post September-11, nuclear threatened, environmentally concerned world is how to make the ultimate Bacon Sarnie.

Should I have connected these... Yeah!

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