April 18, 2007

Horse 749 - Yay Kitties!

I was thinking about the greatest super-villians and decided that the most famous would have to be either Stavro Blofeld or Auric Goldfinger. So I was flipping about on cable TV and found Inspector Gadget.

The Inspector himself is a bumbling fool and had it not been for his 11 year old niece he probably would have been fired long ago. It's kind of bizarre though, the two protagonists of the show know who each other are and have never met face to face. In the case of Dr. Claw, nobody ever saw his face and the best we ever got was of his Iron Fist.

Dr. Claw is probably the most well rounded super-villian of all time because even though he's trying to take over the world, he still takes the time to stroke his kitty.

See how happy Mad Cat looks? Even the most megolomaniacal of people love kitties. Yay kitties!

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Anonymous said...

yay kitties!
yay someone saying yay kitties!
more yay kitties!
yay kitties!!!!!!lolZors!!1!