July 09, 2007

Horse 779 - Crimethink = Doubleplusungood

Crimethink is a form of Mindthink which is unsame Goodthink. Crimethink is ungood and is punishable by correction from Miniluv. Doubleplusungood crimethink is paticularly heinousplusnasty and will not only be corrected by Miniluv, but can also be punished by Removethink if it is found to be ungood enough. Only Minitrue has the authority to decide which mindthink is certifiable as crimethink.

Crimethink is plusbig on the internet, and should be reported to Minitrue and/or Miniluv whenever encountered, so it can be corrected back to goodthink. Agreeing with, concealing or otherwise aiding crimethink is also doubleplusungood crimethink and will also be punished.

Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc. BB mark crimethink doubleplusungood. Thinkpol catch crimethinkers. Miniluv rectify fullwise. Miniluv luv crimethinkers. Miniluv cure crimethinkers. Crimestop remake crimethinkers pos goodthink. Miniluv vaporize crimethinkers. Crimethinkers bec unpersons.

Ownlife is person have joy unwith BB or joy BB unapprove. Sex for ownlife is sexcrime. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodchoco is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodtea is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doublepluscolorfulsalt is ownlife. Outerpartymembers have doubleplusgoodviccig is ownlife. Members have uningsocful joy is ownlife. Ownlife is oft doubleplusungood, unand unoft plusungood or ungood. Ownlifers is oft unwith party, unwith BB. BB unapprove ownlife. Miniluv undo ownlife fullwise. Thinkpol unluv ownlifers. Thinkpol catch ownlifers. Ownlife oft join crimethink. Ownlife is oft crimethink. Ownlifers go joycamp. Ownlifers have plusingsocfuljoy in joycamp.

Doubleplusungoodthink. unoft, plusungoodthink or ungoodthink. Oldthink is unwith BB and party. Oldthinkers unluv doubleplusgood waylive BB command. Oldthinkers oft is crimethinkers. Oldthinkers oft make crimethink. Oldthinkers unreq party, unreq BB. Oldthinkers bec unpersons. Oldthinkers ungooder to proles or movefulbios.

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