July 27, 2007

Horse 786 - The Joys of Air Travel

The bane of braindead people who have ever been sitting around airport gate "lounges" with barely enoghy room to swing a cat (which as the recent news in the last few days shows, can predict death) we board aeroplanes in goat class where incresingly wider people are jammed inot incresingly narrower seasts in the name of efficiency.

There are those special people who inhabit the world of business class. In general these people are only there because their companies are paying for them, and the only reason that their companies have the extra cash in the first place are because management rips off its workers in the first place and is allowed (nay encouraged) to do so thanks to Mr Howard's IR laws.

No, I think it's safe to say that the romance has gone out of airline travel.

When you are on board you'll be sitting next to a hulking personage who'd just been to McHorrible and now in our enlightened days of no moking flights, it means that the airlines can save money by recycling the air inside the cabin. Consequently Stinky McFartpants who's five rows ahead of you now gets to share their glory with everyone on board.

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