July 20, 2007

Horse 783 - Going on a Kangaroo Shoot

Stolen from The Australian - but not the photo... that's in Staines... MASSIVE!
The famed Qantas flying kangaroo may be headed for extinction – or at the least – an expensive makeover. Qantas confirmed it is looking at remodelling one of Australia's most recognisable logos.
"We are always looking to ensure our product and image remain contemporary," a Qantas spokesman said.

The airline would not confirm whether the Flying Kangaroo would keep its place in the revamped branding. The original kangaroo symbol first appeared on Qantas aircraft in 1944, derived from the Australian one penny coin.

I honestly didn't believe this when I heard about it on the radio, then when I saw it in print I was gobsmacked. The red tail of Qantas with the "Flying Kangaroo" has been around since 1944 and grew to greater prominence when they took delivery of their first Boeing 707. So famous was their aircraft that they even found their way into The Adventures of Tintin by Belgian artist Herge in Flight 714.

All of this nonsense probably stems from the probable takeover of the airline by the consortium Airline Partners Australia. High level meetings by men in suits who have to be "dynamic" have come to the conclusion that the logos which the company has been flying for two generations just don't cut it any more.

I have heard of directors having a fair old wank at times but this has to take the cake. You don't build a brand image by changing the logo to make it contemporary, sorry. When people overseas see one of these things in the sky they instantly know exactly which airline it is, and more importantly which country it's from. As far as distinctive logos go, it's possibly one of the best that there is. What possible statement does the Flying Kangaroo make other than this is Australia's Overseas Airline.

Even the route from Sydney to Europe is universally called the Kangaroo route. Notwithstanding the fact that The Flying Kangaroo basically built it, but it was once called for the many "hops" that would be made on the journey.

No, I think Qantas if they actually carry through this silly ploy in this silly way, will suffer the silly consequences and in the process lose their identity.

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