July 17, 2007

Horse 781 - Atheism is Logically Stupid

This short document, I think is internally sound. If anyone would like to find a hole in the argument then I invite them, but as yet even among academics, it has not yet been broken. My position is thus: That Atheism is logically stupid.

Wait a minute you say, if you can not prove God exists, then how are you supposed to prove the inverse. I spin a little trickery here - I'm not about to.

Atheism is the belief that there is no God. The word itself comes from the Greek adjective atheos from the privative "a" which as a prefix means "without" and theos meaning "god". Now to arrive at a premise logically there must be either one of two conditions:

1. The atheist themself must possess all knowledge because if there was a possibility of God outside the realm of this, then God is still an unknown. Since the position of the atheist is precisely the inverse of the theist, then this must suggest that the atheist's knowledge is perfect. The position is self-contradictory because such an entity would actually have to be God themself thus disproving the position.

2. If on the other hand all knowledge is possessed by a collective, or another individual, then that entity/collective by virtue of holding all knowledge is also god but the problem of the first position exists.

So then, if the position held by an atheist is logically wrong, at best the atheist is actually an agnostic with the possibility that God exists outside the realm of their knowledge. It's strangely humorous to consider that when so called wise people are left to their own devices, they actually generate nonsense for themselves. It would seem therefore that the existance of God should be a priori knowledge since logically Atheism is stupid... and proven so.

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