November 02, 2007

Horse 824 - a-WOOOOOOO!

Whenever you hear the new Kylie song "2 Hearts", is anyone else having as much difficulty as I am refraining from going "a-WOOOOOO!" at the appropriate times? I guess I feel it more than most people because of my line of work (because I work in a really stuffy and stayed industry); but regardless - it can really cause some awkward social situations, like when you're in your car and you happen to be at a set of traffic lights. How do you explain to the person in the car next to you what a-WOOOOOO is about?

There are of course other culprits such as Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" which has that "noooor noooor nor" bit in it. Perhaps The Rogue Traders with their song "Don't You Wanna Feel?" just makes you want burst out with "lalalalala lala"

2007 ARIA award winning band Operator Please have a song, most of which is practically unsingable; not is it really about what it says in the title. For a song which is "Just a Song About Ping Pong" it doesn't really mention ping pong much at all. There is a bit part way through where it seems to run out of steam and declare that it's just a song... "IJUSSASONGABOUPINGPONG! DURNURNURNURNUR..."

Of course there are other songs which are responsible for silliness such as Sneaky Sound System's "UFO" which goes "in mah bee-yhee-yheeating heart..." Maroon 5's "Wake Up Call", Pink and that stupid song "Cuz I Can". Alanis Morissette is responsible for a combination of yelling and yodelling in "You Oughta Know"; back in 1992 Pearl Jam wrote a song about "Jeremy" who spoke in class today (and causes case of tourettes for the 'F' word, over the radio-friendly silent bit) but in case you were wondering Jeremy said Woo 45 times.

Fedde le Grand who wanted us to put our hand up for Detroit, followed up that single with "The Creeps". There's that little "beedle-oop!" bit and then all that stuttering. In fact, pretty much the whole song should be ousted here: "aw-aw-aw-awawn, da-a-a-a-aown, to-o-o-oo, the cree-e-e-eeps, C'MON..."

Oh, and the number one cause of stupid music-related noises? Tim Ross parodied it on Nova 969 and inserted the world cordjigal and hosdigal. Yup, I'm talking about standing under Rihanna's "Umbrella ella... ella... ella... eh... eh... ella... ella... ella... eh... eh..."

I think everyone suffers that one. But again, with my particular job I do this kind of thing so often, I think I have developed music-induced Tourette's Syndrome.


Current music: Silverchair - if you keep losing sleep (it has one too - "HAPANA BANANA")

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James said...

I always want to sing that a-wooo in the Kylie song. And I always enjoy making a funny "Oooo" face at the same time too :)