November 21, 2007

Horse 829 - 2008 V8 Supercars Lineups

With Kes Weel selling up licences at the end of 2007, the Holden carve up would be expected to be messy. From what I can gather and due to reports which have been flying around like hand grenades with the pin taken out, this is how I expect things to shape up next year in the V8 Supercars - assuming Tander wins the championship.

Holden Motor Sport has been fairly active in wanting to shuffle it's contracted drivers through the pit lane. This is the most likely set of lineups for 2008 as at 21-11-07.

Holden Racing Team
1 Garth Tander
2 Mark Skaife
(HRT still hold the number 22 - Tander is expected to move to the HRT)

Tasman Motorsport
3 Jason Richards
51 Greg Murphy

Stone Brothers Racing
4 James Courtney
9 Paul Radisich
021 Shane van Ginsbergen
(SBR already supply the engineering to TKR; and are buying one of the PWR licences. Since TKR are expected to fold, their assets are probably going to be the subject of an off-market transfer)

Ford Credit Racing
5 Mark Winterbottom
6 Steven Richards

Perkins Motorsport
7 Todd Kelly
11 Jack Perkins
(Todd Kelly signed for Perkins after the Walkinshaw re-shuffle)

WPS Racing
8 Max Wilson
10 Jason Bargwanna

Dick Johnson Racing
17 Steve Johnson
18 Will Davison

Brad Jones Racing
12 Andrew Jones
21 Cameron McConville

(Brad Jones racing confirmed that they will be running Holdens in 2008)

Toll HSV
15 Rick Kelly
16 Paul Dumbrell
(again it's all change at Holden)

Britek Motorsport
25 Jason Bright
26 Alan Gurr

Gary Rogers Motorsport
33 Lee Holdsworth
34 Dean Canto

Paul Morris Motorsport
67 Paul Morris
97 Russell Ingall
(Ingall was in talks with Brad Jones Racing but eventuall signed with Paul Morris)

888 Motorsport
88 Jamie Whincup
888 Craig Lowndnes
(if Whincup or Lowndes win the their cars will be plated 1 & 888)

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