November 26, 2007

Horse 832 - Take Me Home in Something Else

As much as I have respect for the NSW Police Service and their revenue collecting hairdryer speed guns, I was somewhat surprised at what passed for a Police Car this morning.

Sitting on the side of the road conveniently hiding behind a bush was a Police Car with on major difference... it was a Beetle. Police cars are usually supposed to be Commodores or Falcons, or possibly even the 380 but a Beetle? It would be like being pulled over by WPC Fifi Box.

I mean no self-respecting hard-nosed criminal would step into such a thing surely? In the the UK they use Astras and Focii but a Beetle? If I was a criminal I'd demand to be taken back to the station in a Commodore. What sort of presence can such a car have on the road in all honesty?

...or does my bum look big in this car?

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