November 01, 2007

Horse 823 - ...Will Be Top Blokes When They're Dead

Back in Horse 821 I mentioned this:
In fact the then breakfast show host Mike Carlton and Stan Zemanek disliked each other so much that Carlton declared that he hated Zemanek and would only attend his funeral to check that he was really dead.

It seems that this feud has spilled even beyond the grave with Stan Zemanek's Auto-Biography being published.,23599,22682329-2,00.html
"There were probably about 10 other people who were interested in doing the breakfast program but they didn't want to get involved with Carlton," Zemanek wrote.

I wonder how this flies in relation to Mike Carlton taking over John Laws' spot on 2UE after he retires. Also considering that Southern Cross Broadcasting shareholders vote next week on a $1.35 billion takeover offer by Macquarie Media. If the sale is endorsed as expected, Macquarie Media will begin proceedings to sell 2UE and 3AW to Fairfax Media.

Carlton's preference is to stay at 2UE but he wants to make sure it will be a station he wants to work for. "I like doing the show but I don't want to do it if there is going to be massive cost cuttings and the whole thing is going to be run on the smell of an oily rag." The cost-cutting knives are out at the radio station with expected hacks at the salaries of their on-air staff.

I guess that if Fairfax are the new owners, they'll have the final say. Will Zemanek's words have any bearing? I don't know myself, but it wouldn't be the first time a dead man has beenmaking decisions at 2UE. Hasn't Lawsy been doing that for years already?

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