July 02, 2008

Horse 894 - The Day the Music Died

iFive - Dead.
1. Nil
2. Nil
3. Nil
4. Nil
5. Nil
...and never again
To read the rest of this, you'll need to highlight it.

I no longer have issues with copyright, or the legitimacy of the songs that I own, nor of the content of those songs. For this week, 95% of my DVDs, most of my comics, and the entire of my music collection found its way to Seven Hills Waste Transfer Centre. Irrespective of whether the content was good, bad or indifferent, it was just easier to pitch the lot than to bother to sort it.

Watching two crates of CDs which amounted to a collection spanning 20 years, and a box of DVDs and comics also suffer the same fate as they fell to the bottom of a pit was quite cathartic. I note that it took 8 minutes for the MP3s to be deleted from my PC but just two strikes of a 4 pound sledgehammer to render my iPod totally useless (I hadn't seen inside an iPod before and now I've seen one mangled).

I don't know if this is an unintended consequence, but I've found that in the days that followed (including this morning) I can't listen to music of any sort on the radio and any enjoyment I would have got from it has been drained to the point of zero.

I guess this is one those "Lot's Wife" moments for I don't intend to look back on this at all. Having said this, I now have to endure to stupid chatter of people on the train on the way home from work.


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James said...

Big move mate! But I admire your reasons.

Anonymous said...

u need 2 go fone da waaaaahmbulance