July 25, 2008

Horse 900 - Huge Delays in Service

Before I go any further I should like to point out that I spent most of last night carefully considering my first words for this edition of Horse because I realised that they had to be quite prolific, so then, here it goes:
Welcome to Horse 900.

I suppose that it's time that I should give an update in my webcomic which up until this point has not actually been posted. The fact of the matter is that there have been lost of pages actually produced, but for those which are in postable order, there can't be any more than about 120.

The problem stems from the fact that I didn't really have a scanner to begin with and the details of my life being more or less entirely different to what it was even just 12 months ago, have mean that the production has been hideously behind schedule to the point where I didn't even bother to post the first page. Mind you, the techniques for producing a page have changed markedly, and now I have the problem that things don't quite match anymore.

So whilst there may be snippets from time to time, there won't be anything solid until I find a suitable host... sorry.

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http://badwebcomics.blogspot.com/ said...

Give up now.

90% of all webcomics suck ass; unless you have a totally freakin' awesome webcomic, then you should just trash everything now while you can.
I suggest that you go here immediately.


Hopefully, you'll be discouraged enough never to pick up a pencil ever again. Because that way and only that way, will the internet be free of stupid people like yourself.