July 11, 2008

Horse 897 - Mr Iemma Needs Training

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Somebody needs to give Mr Iemma a swift sharp boot to the head. Apart from trying to sell of MY electric companies without MY permission, he announced plans for another two lanes to be added to the M2. What a joke.


Back in 2001 the NSW State Government commissioned a report to look at Sydney's transport infrastructure. In which the report demanded for immediate attention, the construction of a heavy gauge railway line through Sydney's north-west, a high speed line to the Central Coast, a second underground line through the city and the addition of an outer ring line through the south west.

The Mosman Daily, the Manly Daily and that bastion of reportage the Daily Telegraph, all called for a Metro line to be built through the North Shore and across the Spit after the bridge ceased to work which caused extensive delays.

Even the State Rail Authority a few years ago ran a series of adverts informing us that one train "drove" 2000 cars off the road. With petrol prices set to head to $2/L within the year and $8/L within the next 10 years, I would have though that a progressive government would employ that little used device called "vision" and actually do something for the people who elected it in the first place.

Instead we have a government which is almost leaderless, in which it's members think that the best thing to argue over are misdemeanours at nightclubs, all the while the "good and fair people of NSW" are being shafted royally. 96 years ago, the then McGowen Government set in place the necessary vision to build a bridge across Sydney Harbour, which is still very heavily used today. I note that the time until actual completion of 20 years is still very much government policy.

If a series of railways were to be built, then surely the ideal place would be to build them up the dates of our politicians who obviously must have some vast expanse up there, because for the last 7 years and counting they've had their collective heads wedged firmly up there and continue to talk out of them, and still we've not had very much stuff built at all.

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