April 02, 2009

Horse 9 - Alan Sheeearer!!!

No, that's not a misprint, what should have been Horse 975 will simply numbered Horse 9 for the simple reason that the legend Alan Shearer has taken the post of Newcastle Manager.

"I love this club and I believe I can help it"

That pretty well much states the point. When Shearer takes over this club will be facing a job staving off relegation, but the thing is that even if Newcastle do get relegated, are they likely to sack the man? I think not.

If anything, the first squad under him as a manager is likely to be galvanised in a way that we have never seen since the days of Kevin Keegan at Liverpool. Shearer on Tyneside hold a very special position indeed.

I thought that it may have been some sort of April Fool's Day joke, but it seems that this isn't the case with the BBC, the Independant, the Times, and even the Evening Chronicle of Newcastle reporting the story.

These here be strange times.


Anonymous said...

alan shearer hope he can be our savior in 09

Anonymous said...

not off to good start i wonder if newcastle jerseys will be cheaper when they are in the championshhip

Rollo said...

I think that he has a difficult job yes, but starting against Chelsea was always going to be a difficult task