April 29, 2009

Horse 986 - Grubby Head Marks

As a commuter on suburban trains there is something which really puts my hackles, feckles and schmeckles up:

Grubby Head Marks

I understand that in some cases travelling 90 minutes on a cold morning or after a long day would warrant people falling asleep, but why then must people leave their grubby marks from where their heads have been on the windows?
It's bad enough to see someone else's head funk on the window, but when you then try to wipe them away with a tissue, you're left with a streaky mess.

How hard is it people of Sydney either to not fall asleep against the window, or perhaps (and this is my preferred option) to wear a hat? That way all of your product, and disgusting head funk will be kept inside your hat and now smeared all over my view of the countryside.

As the day wears on, I've noticed that the oils from people's heads either sort of squidge down the windows, or if you happen to be in one of those Tangaras where they're trying to snap freeze the population (so that CityRail can cut up the bodies later), that head funk solidifies on the window. Quite frankly if you had a scraper, you could scrape all the head funk off of the window and use it to make macabre candles with.

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