April 06, 2009

Horse 977 - One equals Ten. Seriously.

After spending the best part of a month hyping up their new "live" sport channel, Network Ten have proved yet again that they are utterly incompotent at showing Formula One. Seriously.

The Malaysian GP was re-scheduled this year to start at 5pm local time which would have been 7pm in Sydney. You'd think that with a dedicated sports channel that they surely be able to get this right but noooooo.

Channel 10 in Sydney didn't have the race scheduled until 11:10pm at night, some 2 hours after the expected end time. What were they showing over on One?

NCAA College Basketball. Seriously.

Admittedly I'm not fond of basketball in the first place, but even I will admit that Formula One would outrate College Basketball in spades. The two teams for those interested (if indeed there is anyone actually interested in Australia) were NCar and Villa (which I'm assuming is not of the Aston kind). Not surprisingly. I gave up and thought I'd tune in Channel 10 at 11:10pm. That was also a waste of time. Seriously.

At 11:10 I switched on Channel 10 expecting to see the opening titles of the Formula One broadcast. Instead I found some guy getting his head sliced open with a hacksaw on some show called Dexter or some such, so I switched over to One. What were they showing over on One?

More NCAA College Basketball. Seriously.

This time it was UConn and Mich, again as before I'm convinced as before that at 11:10pm at night, Formula One would outrate College Basketball in spades.

Between flicking between One and Ten for more than half an hour, I gave up there as well and found comprehensive results of the Grand Prix on Channel 7's late news, with highlights. How is this possible? Why is it that I've found out the complete results of the GP on a channel that wasn't even showing it?

Eventually Channel 10 started their GP broadcast at 11:45pm with the race itself at 11:55pm. By this stage One had shut up shop for the night or something because all they had to show for themselves was their logo.

What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

Conversely, Channel 10 by any other name still stinks. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

it shud b called a notwork lol