May 28, 2009

Goat 993 - Free Goat, with purchase.


I read this on the Nine MSN website this afternoon:
Mitsubishi Motors is offering a free goat with every Triton ute sold before August in a novel effort at correcting the economy.
Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand general sales and marketing manager Peter Wilkins said the economy's recovery was in the hands of the rural sector, and goats, like Tritons, were "hardy, versatile units which will integrate directly into existing farm operations".

Er, ok...

Thinking that it was some sort of hoax, I then checked The Motor Report because this sounded so incredibly stupid. But no...
IF YOU WERE running a list of news headlines you were expecting to see today – that probably wasn’t one of them.

It’s true: according to Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand General Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Wilkins, goats - like the Triton - are “hardy, versatile units which will integrate directly into existing farm operations,” and that’s why the company is offering a free goat with the 2009 Mitsubishi Triton.

Is this some sort of joke? What happens if we check the Mitsubishi NZ website itself?
We’ll supply a free goat with every Triton sold before August and do our bit to loosen the grip of the recession”.
On the off chance that the purchaser already has enough goats or feels that goat herding is better left to those in drier climes, we’ll supply a ‘no goat package’ consisting of a five-year/100,000km extended warranty, five free WOF inspections, 5,000km road user charges, five years of roadside assistance and $500 of genuine or approved Triton accessories,” Mr Wilkins said

So there you have it, straight from the... goat's mouth. Buy a Mitsubishi Triton in New Zealand by August 1 and you'll get a free goat... for real. Seriously.



Anonymous said...

this is weird as bro'


but i only eet plenkton

Anonymous said...

you'll find they nicked that idea off a small nz dealer. Have a watch of their response: