May 25, 2009

Horse 991 - The One and Only... way is up

English Football take notice: There is a revolution about to start on Tyneside and I suspect that the ramifications could be big.

Alan Shearer who was appointed manager at Newcastle Utd, really had a baptism of fire to management. With only 8 games to turn the club around, he had a massive job ahead of him - he didn't. This leaves Newcastle with a £70m wage bill and a year back in the Championship.
Take not of that last line - a year back in the Championship. I suspect that Shearer by next May will have guided his side back to the Premier League and with teeth.

"I wasn't good enough, Mike Ashley is not good enough, the same with Chris Hughton, Kevin Keegan, Joe Kinnear (who have all managed Newcastle this season), people in the dressing room, all of us.
I was shocked at the state of the club when I came in. I was aware of mistakes that had been made. There are huge problems at the club. They are there for everyone to see. It's not just about today. It has gone on this season, last season, the season before, four seasons ago. It is a culmination of everything.
Players need to go, players need to come in and those guys (in charge) need to decide where the football club is going to go. I'll give my opinion on that and then we'll see where we get."
- Alan Shearer, to BBC Five Live.

This is not a manager feeling the loss over going down. He was already back at work on Monday plotting the next season. Therein lies something which hasn't been seen at Newcastle in a while. Ticker and heart.

Shearer will probably be retained as manager; will be given a season of less difficult opponents. Life in the Championship should be a little less hectic for him, but I have a vague feeling that without the pry of the media every ten seconds, a new steel will be forged on the Tyne. In 46 league games time, Newcastle will be back in the Premier League... Mark these words well.

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