May 20, 2009

Horse 989 - The Safety Car is out, we need... The Safety Car

Our friend the Cruze, the hope of Holden and current competitor in the WTCC has shown that it truly did earn it's five star safety rating. I have never once heard before of a collision involving the Safety Car before, but follow the link and that's what you get.

On Sunday at Pau (Macau), Tom Boardman's suspension broke and he stopped on tracking causing the safety car to be deployed. The safety car came out onto the track very late, cutting right across Franz Engstler's BMW, leaving him no space to go but right into the back of the safety car.

It makes you wonder what sort of numpty was behind wheel of the Safety Car though, that guy had to be a complete idiot to jump straight onto the racing line. It's little more than a case of outright poor driving, it's almost a blind corner and you don't expect a slow car on the racing line. It's fortunate that this wasn't a worse incident.

Safety Car? What's next? Safety Knife? Safety Handgun? Safety... Safety Car?

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James said...

heh I loved this. Awesome.