May 29, 2009

Horse 994 - Vapid Vapid People!

The media over the past few days has been thrown into a frenzy over someone who has now been labeled as the "Chk Chk Boom" girl. Most of the controversy is centred around the use of her language and whether or not it's been deemed racist. Can I just say here, that this is a hopeless misdirection of media attention and that what we have witnessed is something far sinister.

Oh, she didn't actually see what had happened and was trying to profiteer from it, but three other people had, and what they saw was in fact a murder.

This is murder mind you - the willful taking of a human life by another individual. Why are we not shocked and or outraged at this? Are we so desensitised that even if someone is killed before our very eyes we still don't care?

One of the three witnesses described the events as "awesome". Awesome? How and even why is it "awesome" that someone's been killed? This person was even able to identify the murder weapon as a Glock 9mm, but again the media is more concerned with racism than the fact that people have witnessed a murder. Are we really that vapid?

This is disgusting reporting by all media outlets involved. I'm personally holding everyone in contempt and especially the Channel 9 network. This makes me sick.

1 comment:

James said...

Mmm, yes I definitely agree with this.

But... it wasn't actually a murder. The guy's still alive. :)

But still, very wrong.