October 25, 2015

Horse 2015 - Just Another Lazy Sunny Saturday Afternoon In Blacktown.

The City of Blacktown is 35km away from the CBD of Sydney but it may as well be a million miles away. It has a population which according to the last census had people from 205 countries in the world and the only reason that it didn't have someone from the 206th is because that would mean more than just an immaculate conception, it would mean more than a minor miracle because the Vatican City is an entire country composed of a lot of blokes wearing silly hats and speaking gibberish in an art gallery.
Blacktown is a diverse place and along with people who just want to get about with their daily lives, there are a bunch of dead set nutters who are dead set on being as nutty as they can.

I'm convinced that the Republic of Blacktown City has a bunch of emergency sirens as its national anthem. I'm not saying that crime is necessarily running rampant but there do seem to be an awful lot of fires and people having accidents a lot.
Yesterday on Saturday 24th October, Blacktown couldn't decide which verse of its national anthem to play and decided to celebrate its nuttiness by inviting all three to a street party in Kildare Road. You can't have a street party unless someone provides the entertainment and at about midday, this was provided by a nutter in a big four wheel drive.

I can't know for certain what had happened but from what I could glean from a couple of Plods which were standing around and looking bemused and amused by proceedings, the nutter in the four wheel drive must've taken umbrage with the constabulary at some point and decided to drive his behemoth into the Police Station. In the process, just like a well aimed snooker shot, he canonned a van into the back of a an Astra, before running across the pedestrian footpath; taking out a business directory sign and then duly rolled his four wheel drive.
I hope that the owners of the van and the Astra are duly compensated and I hope that they're able to get nice replacements for them. Having a nutter destroy what is likely your second or first most expensive single asset is no fun at all.

I can imagine that when the emergency services where called on 000 (so named for the phrase "Oh? Oh! Oh."), that when they tried to locate that on a map and send out a dispatch, the police would've been happy because the walk to the scene of the incident would be shorter than the walk to the car park.
I suppose that if you do decide to be a loony and cause damage to other people's property and you do want to make as big a deal about it as possible, they you probably do want to have the trifecta of emergency services in attendance.
I must say, the police at this incident displayed calmness and an amazing amount of professionalism; the fire brigade showed equally as much calm and caution because a car with as much as 100 litres of fuel on board is very much a hazard to safety. Thankfully, the Ambulance service didn't actually have to transport anyone because the driver remained unhurt and even more thankfully the two innocent cars were both empty.

It will also make things nice and easy for the police when it comes to sentencing this nutter for speeding, culpable driving and criminal damage, it will only be a short walk from his stay in the police holding cells to the Court House which is next door; also on Kildare Road. To complete the treble, when it comes to sending this nutter to a stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure, it's only a short drive to Parklea Correctional Facility. Thus the police can do their part for the environment by keeping it local.

As for the crowd who were just milling around and gawking, myself included, we represented people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds and religions. There were people from Africa, one chap who was wearing a Paraguay football kit, several Muslim ladies in head scarves, the usual crowd of skips in Rugby League kits (Parramatta was the most represented) as well as people of many shades of pink and brown who it wasn't immediately obvious where they came from. Did it matter? Of course not!
If you want to organise an actual true display of diversity in the community, in which everyone does exactly the same thing in a completely peaceful fashion, then this is obviously the way to do it. Just have a nutter in a big four wheel drive roll his behemoth in the street and everyone will come out in a common spirit of gawking.

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