November 01, 2004

Horse 218 - The End of my Youth (9 Days)

Today is the 1st of November (All Saints Day) and I have been surreptitiously reminded that our local church Youth Group is for ages 18-25 which means in broad terms that I have approximately 9 days of my youth left (that's 26 years old on Nov 10 for those doing the maths). After this time I am expected to trade it in and become an "Old Farty Pants"™. The question then is, what do I have to show for my misspent youth?

When Toad of Toad Hall bet his Rolls Royce on a game of bridge, he upped the ante and then bet Toad Hall on a game of snooker. The Badger accepted the Chief Weasel's invite and not only bet his own home on the game but proved to be an expert snooker player so easily won back his home, Toad Hall and the Rolls Royce. The Badger put his expert skill down to a "misspent youth". Now the question is, do I have that same skill? On occasion I have been known to frustrate far better and more skillful players than me, so on that note, the answer is a resounding yes.

I am also reminded of the opening of what most people would consider to be a very difficult book of the bible. The opening of Jeremiah has a lengthy poem which likens the period of Israel's wandering as like a honeymoon period. God tells the people to remember the "love of their youth" (Jer 2:1-13) when they literally followed and walked after the cloud.

Mostly I've come to the stark realisation over about 3 years that my character is completely formed and the very little will actually change from here on in. Shakespeare made the comment the "once you finally realise who you are, you'll realise that you're not pathetic after all". Now this has never really been a problem for me but I will say this. If you really want me to act and be something that I'm not this late, then sadly you're too late.

PS: I have no idea where this ramble was going or where it went. Perhaps someone with a
greater sense of purpose could analyse this for me - for now, I'm off to grab a Yorkie bar.

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You old fart.