November 11, 2004

Horse 227 - Armistice Day

"When one person dies, it's a tragedy. When a million people die it's a statistic" - Josef Stalin

38,000,000 - the best reliable estimate I could come up with. 38 million people who because of people's selfishness either got blown off the face of the earth, had their houses blown up with them still inside, died as a result of starvation, poor sanitation etc, because their "leaders" thought it would be nice to go to war.

11/11/1918 - The day when those same "leaders" came to their senses and in a rail car in the Forest of Compiegne signed a bit of paper which ended the senseless mess.

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santaya

11/11/1918 - it stopped - for at least 24hrs.

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone possibly justify ANY war, Iraq included.

it's just a bunch of daddies, sons & brothers killing another bunch of daddies, sons & brothers because they were told to

War sux
- gary