November 16, 2004

Horse 231 - Get Well Soon my Little One

First I felt sick, and now my little girl does. I could hear her whinging all the way home yesterday and she didn't sound all that well. I got her home and could tell she was running a temperature so I tried not to stress her out too much. When I did put her to bed she looked so peacefull, still in her red coat.

I bought her some new boots for her birthday, she's 3 now (they grow up so fast) and she's still as cute now as the day I brought her home, I still remember that day with fond memories. It's always exciting to get a new addition to the family.

So I've asked the doctor to see her this weekend. They're the same people I've taken her to since day one, they know more about her insides than anyone else - if anyone knows what the problem is, they should be able to tell me. The thing is, she hardly ever gets sick, there was that time when she took a knock but she bounced back. For now... I'm going to let her rest.

Get well soon my little one - it's not nice to see you like this, my SKA-555.

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Anonymous said...

she's not a very "big" girl is she? she's as cute as her master. poor little thing. luv ya