April 18, 2005

Horse 330 - What's Legal Isn't Just

I am now more firmly convinced than ever that the Islamic system of law is about the most evil and vile thing ever conceived on the face of this planet. Now I don't know if Schapelle Corby has a useful nor legal defence as it seems that she cannot prove who put the 4kg of cannabis in her bag, but the legal system it seems doesn't even wish to consider evidence.

The sentencing commission when it delivers its judgement has stated that the only thing that it is going to take into account will be the facts that if was her bag and that the tags prove that the bags belong to her. I note that no evidence has been taken to prove who handled the luggage from the point it entered Brisbane Airport nor at Denpasar.

The judge has even accused Corby of feigning illness when she collapsed twice. I'm sorry but if you're facing a possible death penalty then you prove to me how much more stress you can possibly place someone under. Adequate medical assistance has also been denied as she was placed into prison because there were too many reporters hanging about.

Justice in this case can not be hoped to be served, not under this system. I also wonder just how much grace is in a system when a person whom it was proved murdered 80+ people in a nightclub got given a 2 years sentence when someone accused of handling drugs (without proof of ownership) can be given death.

Indonesia, as a country I may feel sorry for the your loss due to natural disaster but your legal system is malevolence embodied. There is only one word left to describe it, and that is



Derik said...

What is the **** word you refer to? Is it ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, **** or ****?

It's probably a good idea that you didn't use **** or else we'd be shocked.

Rollo said...

I couldn't use **** so it had to be ****. **** & **** would also be too rude as would ****.

It is ****.