October 24, 2005

Horse 422 - Time Check

Sun 1530: Arrive back from a Boy's Brigade camp after spending a weekend up at Lake Macquarie. 60 kids and some of their dads showed up and praise goes to God for planning a truly awesome weekend. Our meagre efforts are rewarded with the smiles on heaps of kids who heard the gospel proclaimed loudly.
It's weekends like this that provide experiences that last with people. They'll look back on moments like this with fond memories, I can't thank God enough for just giving us the opportunities to provide and share in these moments.

Sun 1548: Have made it home when a phone call arrives informing me that one of the kids can't find his bag that was in my car. As my car is now empty as this point I drive back down to the church to have a look.

Sun 1551: Back down at church, he's found his bag, drive home again. Get changed and bung stuff in the washing machine.

Sun 1554: Realise there is no washing powder. Drive to Seven Hills to buy some and then load the washing machine.

Sun 1607: Back down at church as am running the Data Projector. Fighting sleep but makes it through the entire service.

Sun 2022: Coffee cake and toast at Castle Towers. Do I exist? Not entirely sure about this, in all likelyhood probably not.

Sun 2133: While pointing out where someone else car is in the carpark, I accidentally shove my right hand through the weathershield busting it into several bits. My right hand starts bleeding and throbbing.

Sun 2140: Still bleeding. Pull over to the side of the road and try to close the wound up with a band-aid; this fails. Continue to drive home.

Sun 2153: Arrive home. After washing my had and applying band-aid, the pain is still there. I figure that it will go away, so I start a 5000 word report due tommorrow (owing to my brilliant planning skills, and procrastination).

Mon 0247: Finally finish said report, have realised that I need to go and put all the stuff I removed from the Skyline back into it before I move my Ka the next morning.

Mon 0316: Sleep?? Who knows? I am exhausted.

Mon 0526: Get up and drive the Ka to the Ford dealers in Blacktown as the brake lights have ceased to work. This means I shall be sans Ka today and will need to use the dreaded public transport.

Mon 0606: The train is packed and the only seat I can find is between two fat people who fill a three-seat row. I am told at one point by both of them to move over a bit as they are squashed (what about me getting squished by two people eh??)

Mon 0622: Decide to stand. Get yelled at by both people and am accused of "discrimination" because I have made them both look bad, despite them both having extra room (hey I'm the one who now has to stand in this sardine tin of a train).

Mon 0833: After taking a train and a bus I arrive at work and begin the day.

Mon 0849: The pain in my right hand is getting ridiculous. Leave work and head to the GP's surgery around the corner. There is no anasthetic and the doctor cuts into my hand with a scalpel then with a set of tweezers pulls out a shard of plastic roughly 3mm square and 22mm long. Yeeeouch!

Mon 0922: Ford ring and tell me that despite the fact that the faulty connection with the brake lights is their fault, I am still liable for their labour to re-connect it. That's just dumb.


Anonymous said...

You have no right to complain if you're lonely or not. It's your job to stand at the back of the parade.
Get over yourself, act like the servant you're supposed to be, shut up and if nobody cares about you so what?

It's not about you.

i hate blogger comments said...

b says "hey anon - I think that is a bit harsh - and I don't quite see how it comes out of this post, in fact the opposite comes out I rekon.

Rollo does act like a servant - hope you hand is better now and it does sound dumb to tell you it's their fault and then charge you for fixing it. You do exist. You Post - Therefore You Are. And you have great wisdom and gentleness in real life too."

Anonymous said...

Life stinks just about 24-7. Good thing this life as we know it isn't going to last forever!

I'll bet because you were doing so many good things through the camp, the Devil was just trying to get you down. Don't let him win!

Rollo said...

The point of this post was, me saying how crammed everything was in the space of not even 24hrs.

At that stage, I just felt completely out of it and tired, but was still pushing ever onwards.

Any post is liable to comments from the peanut gallery. I actually think some randomness is a bit funny.

I have no doubt that Satan hates every single piece of work we do for God. It's expected that'll he'll bite sometimes - I have a BIG defender though.

Anonymous said...

When you were in the quack's office getting the plastic cut out, was Missy Higgins song "Scar" playing on the iPod?