October 06, 2005

Ph34r m3!!!!

1 am s0 1337 nd t3h wi53, 1 roXOrs.

My Nucl34r fir3w4all works flawle$$ly. Ph34r t3h w4ll o f1r3!


Jules said...

| $t4nd in 4we of your 1337ne$$ and of ur Nucl34r fir3w4ll. N0wt w1ll g3t throu6h th@+ w4ll w1ll 1+?

1'm 6oin6 2 w4lk around ur w4ll 7 times @nd c w4t tha+ t3h do3$

Jules said...

A W33k l4ter, ur Fir3w4all s+t1ll w3rks. D@mN.