November 22, 2005

Horse 444 - A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

... said the Amazing Mumford, me thinks he was onto something.

A good indication of my mental state can usually be gleaned by whether or not I can be bothered making a sandwich for lunch, and if I do, how much salad I can be bothered putting on it. And no, jaffles don't count.

Today must be a good day because I even grated a beetroot. I've become quite the fan of the raw beetroot. It interacts with a sandwich's flavour to exactly the same extent that canned beetroot rudely overpowers it.

I also think that I must be one of the only people on earth who actively likes plastic wrapped cheese slices. Cheese is a most wonderful foodstuff that turns even a stinky meat sandwich into something tolerable. I think maybe it's the creamy aspect of cheese that takes the sting out of the acidic spike of stinky meat.

Tomato as a sandwich component is surely a staple but a word of warning. Make sure you get one that's only just turned ripe or by the time you get to work, you'll have a lunch pail of gluggy yukkiness.

Lastly, a sandwich is excellent currency. Not only for the great sandwich swaps of primary school but also if you want to buy a pregnant Leone Subaru L-Series wagon with 4WD and a funky orange button in the stickshift. It will cost you:
A cheese and tomato sandwich with lettuce - GOOD lettuce - ham, chicken and mustard with an olive on top.

There would only be four people in the world who even have a hope of getting the last reference.

*444 was posted on 22/11 ^_^


Katja said...

Tomatoes are the kings of fruit.

Just a tomato and lots of mayo and mustard on whole wheat bread is PRIMA - but don't pack it and save it for later. Soggyville.

We can even skip the bread; just a tomato I can eat like an apple.

tim said...

it might be boring, but a chicken, lettuce and too much mayo sandwich is always welcome here no matter what mood i'm in.