November 25, 2005

iFive - 25th Nov

Don McLean's American Pie was one of those songs when originally played on the air had bits cut out to make it fit into playlists. All Around the World by Oasis was 9'02" long on the album but the radio edit was only 4'36". This new Green Day single, Jesus of Suburbia as featured on the album was 9'27" long but somewhere on the radio they've hacked out 6 minutes.
All of this is incredibly difficult to sing along to if you'd only heard the full 9 minute version as I did. The other side is also true, people keep on asking me to play them the album track.

1. Roll With It (live at Wembley) - Oasis
2. Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day
3. I've Been Everywhere - Rolf Harris
4. Don't Stop Moving - S Club 7
5. (Probably) All In The Mind - Oasis

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